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A well-rounded SACCOS management system that helps you stay on top of all your funds. It is made to help you in all important aspects such data recording and reviewing, carry out analysis on your activities and get the overall image of the state of your SACCOS.

Manage all financial acttivities of your SACCOS including loan terms, loan requests managements, collaterals, loan scheduling, amortization, penalties and more with this system


Loan Management

View loan details including repayments, loan terms, loan schedule, collateral, files, and comments. You can also print loan statements and schedule them, set loan fees, grace period, and penalties.

Members Profile

Each Member Can log in and view all the Information regarding them such as Loans, Contributions, Fines, Shares, Collaterals, etc.
The loan Application form, as well as Deposit Form, are available to each member

Charts and Reports

Our SACCOS management software will allow you to instantly see your business performance through graphic charts so you can take informed decisions.

Get SMS Notification

Instant SMS Notifications for some important actions in the system such as Loan Disbursements, Cash Deposits, Guarantor’s assignment, Due Dates, Fines. All delivered through an SMS to the respective personnel