Smart HMIS

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A hospital and clinic management software that allows you to run your core financial, clinical, and operational processes with ease and precision. All the workings of an efficient hospital without the hassle of manual paper work.

It is a web and browser-enabled software, you require no additional licensed software to run. All actions like patient registration, billing, reconciliation, clinical documentation and reports, prognosis and pharmacy prescriptions are made easy with SmartHMIS

Why SmartHMIS?​

Boost staff collaboration and productivity

Easy communication and workflow between departments and respective staff members

Financial Assessment Tools

Easily discern important financial details from your records such as cash box report, daily sales summary and more

Improve Patient Experience

Shorten the waiting time for your patients, faster procession to treatment. Manage and utilize their medical history to give them a better experience

Maximize your efficiency

lower operational costs, improve delivery of services, get reports on time, all this and more with SmartHMIS