Smart POS

Melian Smart POS System, Point of Sale

Smart POS

This is an efficient Point of Sales tool for management of sales and purchase. It facilitates in achievement of sales target in multiple branches through easing the monitoring process.

This tool is easy to use and effective for organizations of varied sizes that want to efficiently track sales and purchases activities.

Why use our Smart POS sytem?​

Inventory Management

Easily monitor the stock level of your products with each sale or purchase made. The system will also notify when stock is running low.

Comprehensive Report

It  is important to know the performance of your business. Therefore, our system delivers comprehensive reports for your analysis.

Revenue & Expenses Management

Manage the revenue and expenses of the business so you can make informed decisions that will help your business maximize profit.

Supply Chain Management

Handle your activities with vendors and suppliers that you work with more effectively so you can track debtors and creditors.